Lakshit cab provides. 24 hours car hire with address, contact no, photos, maps. Since 2011, this agency has been in the business of offering car in rent. This venture aims to offer individuals as well as corporate to superlative car hire service. Over time this firm has made a mark in the self drive car rental segment. This establishment has provided impeccable service to large number of customers. This professionally managed organization believes in offering quality service at reasonable price points. It is taking conscientious strides at achieving customer satisfaction through maintaining impeccable standards in their service offerings.
Jodhpur Cabs Taxi Service allows you to rent cars for driving it by yourself. They offer wide choice in terms of their fleet which features SUV, as well as compact hatchback. Take your pick as per your preference. There fleet is well maintained and kept in excellent condition for the passenger comfort and convenience. They also offer long term rental and fleet management Services.

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Why choose us


We care about your safety! with lakshit cab enjoy your ride safely and securely. 24/7 roadside assistance and customer support assistance.


Booking a cab for inter city travel, get a ride by lakshit cab, tracking drivers by GPS immediately get vehicle details in time. Feel comfortable and enjoy your travel.


Our customer care will be available 24/7, well-trained customer executives communicate with customers in a professional and friendly manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

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